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(I work at a preschool that offers extended daycare. One of the kids is an autistic boy. It can be challenging dealing with him all day since it’s hard for him to focus on a task longer than thirty seconds. However, he loves rocket ships. I will often put a compilation of space shuttle launches onto the TV to keep him and the other kids occupied for a few minutes. The kids will often ask me questions about the rocket ships, and I answer as best I can.)
Video: 3, 2, 1 and we have liftoff.
Autistic Boy: Liftoff?
Me: Yes, liftoff.
Autistic Boy: Liftoff! Rocket ship!
Kid 1: Miss (my name), why is it called liftoff?
Me: Because the rocket ship is lifting off the ground.
Kid 2: Miss (my name), where is the rocket ship going?
Me: It’s going into space.
Kid 2: It’s going into space?
Me: Yes.
Kid 2: Oh. I thought it was going into outer space.

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