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My girlfriend, friends, and I were eating lunch and talking about random things no one cares about. Somehow we got onto the topic of Cannibalism. We talked about known cannibals and how to obtain flesh. Stuff like that. My girlfriend and I started talking to eachother.

Girlfriend: I want to be a cannibal.


Girlfriend: I’m serious! Before I die, I want to eat a person. I’ll make you try it too. (She turned to look at me)

Me:if you do that, I’m breaking up with you

Girlfriend: but what if it taste good?

Me: NO

Girlfriend: (looks at everyone) you think I’m kidding! I really want to try people!

Me: Why?!

Girlfriend: it sounds good.

And that’s the story of why I check all food she gives me for any human parts.

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