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(I work in a Pharmacy at the store, where – unfortunately but not surprising- we have issues with drug addicts trying to score drugs here. on this day, a normal looking woman comes in with a prescription to be filled; it should be noted that when i say normal, i mean she doesn’t look like your stereotypical drug addict. she has a valid prescription, but she does seem a bit nervous. to note: I have a permanent limp in my leg because of a traumatic injury, which leaves my leg in near constant pain. The day this happens it’s pretty bad, so i have to use a cane to keep as much pressure off it as possible. This puts me in a cantankerous mood.)

Woman: Yes, i just need to get this filled. um. it’s for pain medicine.

(She’s a bit shaky, but i look at her prescription, and then at her.)

Me: I cannot fill this for you.

Woman: What?! (Now she’s getting even more agitated and nervous, starting to get shifty) I am in pain?! And you mean to tell me that you won’t fill my prescription?! How dare you?! You wouldn’t like if i did that to you!

Me: Yes, and you know what else i don’t like? People with pain killer addictions making me support their habit. *I snap at her with this, crossing my arms.*

(At this point, her shoulders fall and she tries her best not to break down. Thankfully there weren’t any other patrons around, so no one to hear. i look at my co-worker and tell them I’m going on break, then grab my cane.)

Me: I’m not sorry for snapping at you; but please, come walk with me.

(We walked outside to sit at the outdoor table. she broke down and told her story, and i told her mine of how i was once addicted to pain killers from taking them while my leg healed. That was two years ago, and I’m pleased that – upon typing this now- my friend is totally clean, and is working to help others who became addicted, too. I am also clean. i try not to take any medication at all, now.)

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