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I am the stupid customer in this story. It’s 1997/98 and I am out looking for a special type of shoe that helps you increase your vertical. I have had this shoe before but I outgrew them and needed a new pair. The shoe is a strength shoe and has a bit of a platform under the ball and toes of your foot. Throughout the day I stopped at all the stores that sold sports shoes and at each one I would ask them if they had platform shoes, the customer service reps would give me an odd look a little smirk and say no sorry we don’t carry them, as the day went on I started getting a little bit annoyed and I would ask how the store doesn’t carry them, and they would tell me we only sell sports shoes, I would respond with yeah I know and I’d walk out. I go home feeling defeated and login to my speedy dial up internet, I go to a popular search engine at the time and look for where I can by platform shoes, and only then do I realize I have been looking in the city all day for the wrong type of shoe, as a platform shoe will do nothing for my vertical but it will make my 5’6″ body taller. If you go to a popular search engine today and search for strength shoes you will see what I was actually looking for.

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