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(My mom has fallen ill very suddenly and we’re told that she won’t make it. During this time, my sister comes to visit and I start chatting with her despite a strained relationship.)
Me: I know it’s hard. It’s hard on everyone.
Sister: Yeah. Bad that this happened near my birthday.
Me: What?
Sister: Yeah. It’s going to mess with my party and presents.
(I feel my eye twitching in anger and, at that moment, my dad walks in.)
Dad: Hey.
Me: Hold on. What the hell do you mean by that, [Sister]?
Sister: Well, I was hoping for a car but we wasted money on here.
(I get up and began walking towards her but my dad steers me away. She left shortly after but I hoped to catch her before I left. I wanted to beat some sense into her. Last I heard, no one in the family talks with her.)

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