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25 Tastefully Turkey-tastic Tales About Thanksgiving!

| Right | November 26, 2020

Happy Thanksgiving to our readers from the United States!

We hope your day is full of food, family, and festivity, but sadly we also know many of you will be working today (or tomorrow… ugh!) so we thought we’d cheer you up with a pumpkin-flavored dip into our archives.

We’ve rounded up 25 Thanksgiving-themed tales of bad customers, entitled holiday shoppers, and the occasional random act of kindness. Grab a slice of pumpkin pie and dig in!


Gobble Grunt Gobble – And tigers are female lions. Obviously.

Miss Impossible – Hits from the comments: “And that’s when I beat her into a coma with a frozen turkey, your Honor.” *

Thankful For A Thankless Job – Yes, the employees working a holiday so you can see a movie are soooo selfish.

No Pranks, Just Thanks – Someone’s cutting onions for their stuffing, aren’t they?

Business Daze – Well, clearly you need the help.

Stupidity As Clear As Sierra Mist – See, that’s the neat thing about clear liquids!

Takes One To Call One – How do you even respond to something that stupid?!

Before Black Friday Comes Brainless Thursday – Finally, somebody said it!

The Grinch Comes Earlier Every Year – Personally, I’d just be glad someone took the time to say something nice to me.

Happy Spanksgiving – You also have the option not to say anything, you know.

Radiating A Feeling Of Thanksgiving – I must have gas fumes in my eyes. That’s what’s happening.

Her Son Is The Eggs-pert – This one is eggstra crazy.

Just Burst Their Kentucky Fried Bubble, Part 3 – Wait, wait, wait. Does this person think chocolate turkeys are made… with turkey? Like, the animal?

Tastefully Talking Turkey – Help! I don’t know how to write captions about customers who actually care!

More Thanks-taking Than Thanksgiving – And y’all thought Black Friday was cutthroat.

Political Correctness Takes A Holiday – Cashiers don’t like being sworn at any more than ministers do.

Odds Of Finding A Seat Are Not In Their Favor – The only thing more grueling than The Hunger Games is selling seats for it.

Demands Are Reaching Breaking Point – Say it with me, everyone: “Employees are people, too.”

A Fraud Sandwich – WHAT.

A Thankless Job – And the cycle continues…

We Apologize For The Convenience – Stories that make me appreciate my job more, exhibit 29382.

Acting Irregular Over Regular Price – I’ll bet this customer’s family feels great knowing where they stand.

Flogging A Dead Animal – Who jokes about something like that?!

Banked That Day Off – This is why ATMs were invented.

Thank You For Coming In But Not Really – Are you sick of reading that sentiment yet?

*NAR does not endorse physical violence, no matter how annoying your customers are.


We hope you enjoyed this special Thanksgiving-themed roundup from us here at Not Always Right! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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