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25 Of The Best Stories From Not Always Right – August 2021 Roundup!

| Right | September 17, 2021

It’s time for the August roundup! Our editors have decided among themselves which stories in August deserve the extra attention, regardless of the number of thumbs-ups they received. Out of all the stories we posted in the month, we’ve singled out twenty-five!

If there are any stories from the last month you feel we should have included, please let us know in the comments!


OCD About BLT – Sometimes all it takes is a simple solution and thinking outside the box.

Bras Are Scary Enough As It Is – This story starts out with a major yikes but it gets better! Promise!

You Say, “I Do,” I Say, “Neigh!” – Hits from the comments: “Maybe what the pastor said was, ‘Speak now or Frau Blücher hold your peace…'”

Best. Tech Support Call. Ever. – We wish we could see what Albert and the Missus did next!

Getting Owned By The Owner, Part 16 – “I’ll have your job!” You mean you’ll do your own shopping?

With A Good Reputation, Nothing Can Stop You! – This story contains a fun case of positive instant Karma!

Ah, We’ve Found It! The Order For Instant Karma! – If you know nothing about your order, why would you expect the employees to know?!

No Buying Your Way Out Of This One – If you’re going to cheat, don’t be stupid enough to brag about it!

I’m Glad Someone Here Knows What’s Going On – Hits from the comments: “So glad to read someone who can hear over the sound of her ovaries… and across the vast generation gap, to boot.”

There’s Cheapery And Then There’s Thievery – Just stick to the tiny shampoo bottles next time.

You Can’t Cheat Science! – Hits from the comments: “Never has ‘we have microscopes’ sounded so badass.”

Probably Don’t Have A Needle That Small Anyway – What part of “We don’t do that” confused you?

License To Be A Jerk – Tell them not to do it, then get mad when they don’t do it. Perfect management.

The Furry Fables Of Teddy And Myrrh – Please head to the comments of this story to see some adorable pictures of cat and dog buddies! (And post your own!)

Things Are Heating Up STUPID Fast – This story is simply infuriating, but a good read just the same.

You Did It! You’re A Hero! – The biggest takeaway here is to always remember Rule Zero.

We Wouldn’t Want Any Of This Grandma’s Cookies – Hits from the comments: “I should take better care of my feet. I never knew that was where I kept my brains.”

Someone Hates Their Job Extra Today – As long as you have call-waiting, it’s never a bad time to mess with a scammer!

That’s One Ballsy Programmer – You have to have a sense of humor in situations like this, and this guy is nailing it!

Learn To Leave Well Enough Alone – This author was far more patient than I would have been in their shoes!

Auntie Needs To Chill Out – Lesson learned: don’t mess with Grandma!

The One Time A “Junk Pic” Had A Good Outcome – I guess we’re not doing phrasing anymore.

Flipping Off And Flipping Out Over Foreigners – Punny hits from the comments: “OP though the guy was a sour Kraut, but it turned out he was just a brat.”

Sometimes Karma Is Really, Really Wet – We hope this step-dad never got the mud out of those shoes.

Why Nurses Should Rule The World, Part 14 – Hits from the comments: “Good thing I’m not a nurse. I would have run her over.”


If you’d like to read more of our favorite stories, you can always check out July’s roundup next!

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