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25 Funny And Festive Stories About Christmas In The Workplace!

| Right | December 23, 2020

Dear readers,

Christmas is not always a happy season in the workplace. Retail workers have to spend ninety days listening to the same five Christmas carols on repeat, offices force you to partake in a secret Santa, and all the managers have booked themselves off so you have to work through the holidays and miss your family.

In solidarity with those who have to work over the holidays, we’ve rounded up twenty-five stories about Christmas in the workplace. Take a break and enjoy!


The Wailing Ghost – No Advent, no cry…

The Grinch That Closed Christmas – Just don’t tell them they’re out of Tickle-Me Elmo toys. Wait, what year is it?

I Deprecate This Song To YouHow The Grinch Stole Christmas 2: The Grinch Goes To College

Silent Night – Hits from the comments: “If a cat can learn to hunt with bells on, I am sure you can, too.”

This Boss Needs Work – This boss deserves a whole truckload of coal for Christmas.

Leaving Behind Your Christmas Baggage – To someone, at the right moment, that tampon might be worth a lot.

Deck The Halls With Mismanagement – It’s awfully hot at the bottom of the priority ladder.

A Real Live Christmas Tree – This is a shockingly bad idea.

Future Christmases Will Be Non-Events – Y I K E S.

Unable To Process The Price – Thanks so much for your generosity.

It’s The Most Wonderful Third Of The Year – Why do stores do this to their workers? Why?!

A White Walker Christmas – Valyrian steel works just as well against customers!

Quitting On Schedule – Isn’t it great when bosses choose to ignore reality?

Barking Up The Wrong Christmas Tree – All I want for Christmas is communication!

Trying To Bias Time – Hits from the comments: “Scheduling is not hard. Unless you’re an a**hole.”

Their Job Is For The Birds – Accountants run into all sorts of interesting characters!

Way Ahead Of The Schedule – It pays to plan ahead.

Every Dog Has Its Christmas Day – Hits from the comments: “I sincerely hope that coworker doesn’t have any pets. Or kids.”

Sour About The Sweets – Some coworkers aren’t sweet enough to deserve sweets.

Pot-Shot Calling The Coworker Slack – Everyone wants to party and no one wants to plan.

Laid (Time) Off – Just because you ask, it doesn’t mean you’ll receive.

Eve-ntually, They’ll Get It – Dipping into that spiked eggnog a little early, are we?

Like A Broken R-Eco-rd – Keep it simple, my friend. Keep it simple.

Receiving Is Believing – Christmas is the scariest time of year for couriers!

A Glitch In Time – Sounds like a win to me!


We hope you enjoyed this Christmas-At-Work-themed roundup! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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