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I get assigned jobs to do at different sites, it all happens via a company app. Most of the time my assignments are scheduled in via our head office but my direct boss will also assign me specific jobs which I have to schedule myself.

I get a text from my boss telling me that she’s sent me two jobs, she’s handpicked them so she knows what they are and they have to be done within the next couple of days. I pull up the jobs and notice that there is stock that I have to take with me to complete the work. The stock is usually sent ahead of time to the representative who was originally assigned the work.

Me *texting her back “Thanks for those jobs, but it says that I am to take (stock) with me, can you tell me who it was delivered to?”

Boss “You need to call (head office)”

I call head office and after being kept on hold am told the name of the original recipient, someone I don’t know. I ask if they can give me her phone number to arrange pick up I am told I have to do that through my boss, I like to keep everything in writing so text her because there have been occasions when she denies things that she’s said on phone calls.

Me “I got through to (HO), I need to get (name’s) details from you so I can arrange a pick up”

6 hours later I get a reply.

Boss “What jobs do you have?” *remember she assigned them to me, I reply and tell her.

Boss “I have those” *I look at the text not quite believing that she wouldn’t have thought to tell me that they were delivered to her in the first place.

Me “Okay, so where am I supposed to pick them up from so I can do the work?” I don’t know whether they had been delivered to the office, her home or if she had them in her car.

Finally after an hour she texts me her home address.

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