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, | Unfiltered | December 19, 2021

We adopted 2 cats, but one passed away after only a year. We were left with the other, a scaredy cat. He’s terrified of hands, so whatever happened in the past, it probably had to do with humans. After 3 years, we got this far as where we can pet him if he passes by and he comes get us when he’s hungry or wants to play with his laser toy. We did get another cat and the two of them get along great.

One day, my husband is cleaning out the front garden. Suddenly, a boy rushes to the hedge and yells: “He’s there, mommy, he’s there!”

My husband stops to see what the boy is pointing at: our scaredy cat. The mom then comes and explains to my husband that the cat always sits there when they come by and that it’s the highlight of the boy’s day.

I’m sad the little boy can never pet our scaredy cat, but it makes my happy our traumatized cat has a fan club!

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