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(My mom and I go into a large store, which is part of a well-known retailler so that she can use the restroom.I didn’t have to go, so I sit on a bench outside of the restroom to wait. An old man comes up to me.)
Old Man: Hey, are you here alone?
Me: No, my mom is in the bathroom
Old man: Oh, I’m glad to hear that you weren’t here to buy anything. I bought my underwear here once and it had bugs. They ship all this stuff over from Africa and bugs get in it, so make sure you wash your underwear before you wear it.
Old man: *proceeds to go into very personal detail about what happened to him from wearing this underwear*
Old man: If you have any questions about what I just said, talk to my son over at the customer service desk*walks over to his son*
Mom: *Catching the end of this one-sided conversation* Who was that?
Me: Absolutely no idea

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