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Husband: So, I had a weird experience at the park today.

Me: Oh?

Husband: Yeah. I had [son] on the swing when this woman walked over and plopped her kid on the swing next to us and started talking to me. She kept saying how cute [son] was and that he had the prettiest blue eyes and that he looked just like me.

Me: *fighting the urge to laugh* Yeah? What did you say to her?

Husband: I thanked her and just kept pushing [son] on the swing. She kept talking away at me about random stuff and every once in a while she would say how cute [son] is and how he looked so much like me that it was obvious he was my son. It was really weird so I decided to go to the slides instead. She didn’t follow us, thank god.

Me: *snorts then bursts out laughing* Baby, she was hitting on you.

(My husband gives me a confused look.)

Husband: How do you know?

Me: She was telling you [son] looked just like you and that HE was cute. She was trying to tell you that you’re cute.

Husband: *scoffs* I don’t think so.

(My husband is living proof that even attractive people can be awkward and clueless when people are flirting with them.)

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