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, | Unfiltered | December 18, 2021

(I answered an ad that was hiring for a dishwasher, among other things. I clicked on Dishwasher and put my resume, which clearly had relevant experience. I got a call from the manager.)

Manager: “Hello, I’ve seen that you put your resume here for a dishwasher. Can you come in for an interview?”

(I agree and we set a time and day. We meet and sit down.)

Manager: *laughs a bit* “Soooo, we don’t actually have a position as a dishwasher.”

Me: “But it said in the ad…!”

Manager: *scratching head* “Oh really? Wellll….we don’t have that many dishes to wash here in this restaurant.”

Me: “Then why did you put it in the ad?”

(He mumbles something about corporate. I wish this was the first time this happened. Managers, read your ads before putting it out! And what restaurant doesn’t have many dishes?)

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