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, | Unfiltered | December 18, 2021

My brother and his fiance planned their wedding for a couple of weeks after Christmas. I had the hardest time finding a special gift for them. Finally, in mid-December, I came across a large candle company that could personalize jar candles with a photograph, which I knew my future sister-in-law would love.

When I began my order, I saw one phrase repeated over and over again: “You must allow AT LEAST 5-7 BUSINESS DAYS for customized candle orders to be created BEFORE THEY ARE SHIPPED!”

Factoring in this 5-7 business-day period and post office closures over the holidays, I calculated that the only way to guarantee my order would arrive in time for the wedding was to purchase the most expensive shipping option–which wound up costing more than the candle itself.

Imagine my surprise when I received an email less than 30 HOURS later that said my order had been shipped! This meant that I could have chosen a slower shipping method and saved over half of the money I’d paid!

I contacted customer service to ask about the warning posted all over their website that custom orders don’t ship for at least 5-7 business days. They replied “Well, since it’s almost Christmas, we wanted to do something nice for our customers and get all the orders done early!”

That’s great…except that everyone else who paid for expedited shipping to offset the 5-7 day waiting period ended up overpaying by a ridiculous amount! My complaint had to go to multiple people before they agreed to offset the cost of my shipping expenses. I appreciate that they wanted to provide great service, but not that it cost their customers so much extra money! I recently tried their website again, and that disclaimer is nowhere to be seen.

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