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I work primarily as a server in a very busy, fast-paced restaurant, but occasionally pick up hostessing shifts when we’re short staffed. For the past several months our hand-held debit/credit machines have been disconnecting in the middle of transactions, or refuse to connect at all. This is frustrating for everyone involved. IT is called several times a week and no one can figure out what the problem is. On this particular night, the portable machines are so bad that we’ve elected to take cash only. There are signs on the doors and podium indicating this. We do have one grounded debit machine that is very slow but (mostly) reliable – but it’s located next to the door to the kitchen in a very narrow, high-traffic area, so having a long lineup of customers to pay there can be dangerous. I am hostessing and a group of 4 older women walk in.

Me: Good evening, ladies! A table for 4?
Woman 1: Well, it WOULD be a good evening if you accepted cards! What kind of place doesn’t take debit these days?
Me: Yes, you’re completely right. It’s very frustrating for us, too. There is a bank right across the street if you’d like to withdraw cash, but if you don’t want to walk we do have –
Woman 1: *snarkily* I guess we’ll have to go to the other [restaurant]! They take cards, don’t they?
Me: As far as I know we’re the only location with this issue, but –
Woman 1: You tell your boss that you’ve just lost 4 customers! *turns and leaves with her friends*

Enjoy your 20 minute drive to prove nothing, ladies. All the [restaurants] in this city are owned by the same person.

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