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*A few years ago, I worked IT for a bank. One of the manager’s at a branch had decided that he wanted to assist customer’s who were bringing in their own machines in order to ask questions regarding their accounts, etc. So he decides that the way to fix this was to go to RadioShack and buy a router which he then proceeded to go plug into the network. No talking, no nothing. So our networking team saw the unidentified item on the network and shut off the ports. One of the tellers called remarking on the fact that they’d lost connections and were told that people needed to call and talk with our Network Security manager before things would get turned back on. They were able to then whittle it down and turned on ports for everywhere but the manager’s office. I wasn’t there for the shut off, but I received a call from the manager the next morning.*

Me: Service Desk, this is [my name]

Manager: I need my internet back. It got turned off last night and they said it would be back today.

Me: *unaware of issue* Um, let me put you on hold for a few minutes. *Turns to the tech who was onsite at the time* Hey, do you know what this is about?

Tech: Yeah. He needs to talk to [network security manager] because he did this. I think he’s in a meeting though

Me: *laughing* Well, I’ll let him know. *Picks call back up* So, it sounds like you need to talk [network security manager]. Have you reached out? I can provide contact information if you need it

Manager: Well I did and he didn’t respond.

Me: I believe he’s in meetings right now. He’ll get back to you as soon as he can

Manager: But I need my internet!

Me: I understand that. But because of this issue, you need to talk to him first before we can turn it back on.

Manager: I want to talk to [network engineer]. He’s the one who told me that I had to talk to [network security manager]. He’ll turn it back on.

Me: I can see if he’s available, but he will likely tell you that you need to talk to [network security manager].

Manager: Fine. How long do I have to wait?

Me: Did you call and leave a message?

Manager: I called but he didn’t pick up. You need to tell him to call me now.

Me: Um…he’s in a meeting. I can’t interrupt that to have him call you.

Manager: But he needs to call me back!

Me: Did you leave a voicemail?

Manager: No. He didn’t pick up the phone.

Me: Ok. I would recommend you call back and leave a message so that he knows the situation.

Manager: But I need my internet.

Me: I’m sorry, but you’ll need to wait until you talk to him

Manager: Fine! *click*

*I get that he needed internet to do various things, but he put an unknown, unsecured device onto a BANK network. He’s lucky he didn’t get fired on the spot. And as far as I know, he’s still working there*

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