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This takes place back in the late 1970s when second run theatres were still in vogue. That is, when movies left the main “downtown” theatres where moves cost $6.00 – $8.00, they then played at the smaller, local theatres where you could see a movie for about $1.00 – $2.00. The theatre is one of the single screen theatres with a balcony that was built in the early 20th Century. My friend’s dad to took an ushering job here after he retired to have something to fill his time. He noticed frequently that one or two teenagers would come in, pay for their tickets, and then, just before the movie started, would go out to the side entrance, open the door to allow a bunch of their friends to sneak in without paying.

One evening he’s standing at the back of the theatre and see’s one kid about 16 years old come in by himself and take a seat. The fact that he was alone was suspicious enough for him to keep an eye on him, but sure enough, just as the previews are about to end, he sees the kids get up and head for the side entrance. My friend’s dad goes back through the lobby towards this entrance and waits there. The teenager goes to the door, opens it, and five of his friends come through the door. At this point, he steps out from around the corner and confronts this group of teenagers, and this conversation takes place.

Usher: Okay you all, get out of here!

Teen: What do you mean, you can’t kick us out! What’s going on here? That not right! We paid!

Usher: Oh, yes, I can! You are sneaking a bunch of your friends in here without them paying for a ticket. Now get out right now.

Teen: But you can’t kick me out, I’ve got a ticket.

(He pulls out his ticket and waves it at him).

Usher: Doesn’t matter. You violated the terms of the ticket by allowing five of your friends to sneak in here. Now get out, all of you!

Teen: Uh, uh! I have a ticket so you can’t kick me out! If you don’t let me in, I’m gonna call a cop!

Usher: Oh, really? You want a cop, huh?

(He turns around and calls out down the hall to a man we’ll call “Charlie”).

Usher: Hey, Charlie! Come here a minute! This is a good one!

(Around the corner comes “Charlie”. A muscular, 6’4″, imposing policeman, who’s on Detail duty at the theatre for the evening. He approaches the teenage boys, with his arms folded across his chest, glaring at them).

Charlies the Policeman: So, I understand you boys wanted to speak to a “cop”, am I right?

(The teen who had let the others in, take one look at this man, turns white, and his mouth drops open. He manages to mutter out):

Teen (nervously): Ah, um, no, I, ah guess we’re okay. Um, yea, bye.

(The whole gang turns and hightails out the exit, which closes behind them).

Usher: Thanks, Charlie! Did you see the look on that kids face?

Charlie the Policeman: Oh, yea, I love putting the fear of God in these little punks!

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