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I am from a little town in Mexico and before I came here I lived in my grand mother’s house with my sister and her two children. We didn’t get along well but we managed and we had some good times. When I first came here I used to call her often, now we can’t stand each other but I do keep some good memories and this is one of them.
One of the many times I called her we talked for a bit and then…
Sister: (my name), I got to use the restroom.
Me:Don’t worry, I’ll wait.
Sister: *opens one door a bit loud* Oh (aunt) got a wireless phone.
Me: (sister) Stop! I dont want to go with you! stop!
*I can hear her run and open the restroom door loud, it is a metal door and it has an old lock so it is quite loud. I just keep yelling at her to stop*
Sister: *As she closes the door and with a serial killer’s voice* Too late.
(She tried to keep the conversation but all I could do was laugh. I heard everything, the zipper, her pants going down, how she peed, the paper roll, zipper again and door openning again)
Me: Wait! You didnt washed your hands!
Sister: And I already touched the phone ewww!
Me: eww why! I feel dirty now! Sister:*laughs but goes back and I hear the water, soap, and water* Better?
Me: Yes, that’s better!
I heard my grand ma laugh when she came out of the restroom with the phone on her hands.
I truly love her to death and I it makes me sad that we can’t joke like that anymore

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