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(I am calling a customer to say his order is ready for pickup. My manager is standing on the other side of the copy counter, talking to my supervisor, who is quality checking orders that I have completed. The phone rings two or three times and then goes silent. This entire story happens with me holding the phone to my ear/mouth)

Me: It just stopped ringing…

Manager: Oh that’s weird.

Supervisor: Can you write bin 36 on that customer’s order form for me? That’s where I’ll put it.

Me: Sure. (I lean to the next register to grab a pen and pull the phone off the counter by accident. My supervisor and I both make a loud surprised noise)

Me: (laughing a little) woops! I thought the phone would have reached farther!

(My supervisor picks the phone up and I grab the pen to write on the customer’s order form)

Me: What bin did you say you put it in?

Supervisor: 36.

Me: Okay. (I write on the order form) Ok bin 36 is written on the order form! … Okay I just realized it’s still silent on the other end.

Manager: Maybe it’s an answering machine.

Me: No, there was no answering machine, it just went quiet. I’m going to hang up and try again. (then more directly into the phone) uh, I’m sorry if this is a message.

(I hang up and call again and the customer picks up after the first ring)

Me: Hi this is *name* calling from *store* to let you know–

Customer: Yeah I know, I heard you when you called a minute ago, but something was wrong and you couldn’t hear me.

Me: Oh that’s embarrassing.

Customer: (laughing) Don’t worry. I’ll come pick the order up tomorrow.

(I was having a pretty bad day and even though this situation was really embarrassing, it made us all laugh, including the customer, which made my day better. ha!)

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