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I had a subscription to a monthly box service. After a couple of months, I didn’t like it much and went on their website to cancel.
It stated that the only way to cancel was to send an e-mail to them.
Annoyed that I can’t just cancel through the website, I sent the e-mail.
“Please cancel my subscription to (Company).”
Simple and effective, I thought.
Three days later, I get an e-mail that a box is on the way! Meaning they charged me 30 bucks, money I’d wanted to start saving.
I wrote them again:
“I canceled my membership. Why am I getting this? I do not want it. I better not get charged.”
This was their reply:
“I did want to let you know that we do have the ability to pause our members accounts for up to 3 months! This gives our members time to get caught up without feeling overwhelmed when the next box arrives. If you’d like me to pause the account, please let me know and let me know how many months.
If not, no worries, I can cancel the account for you!”
Already annoyed at this company, I wrote back:
“I said very clearly on my initial e-mail to “‘cancel the subscription.’ Not sure how much more clearer I can be. Cancel.”
Their reply:
“No worries, the account is now cancelled. We just have to check and see if people would prefer to pause, as a lot of our members don’t know that’s an option!”

So NOW it’s canceled, but not without an “extra” shipment that was sent and about nine e-mails asking “are you sure?” The ones copied above were only a couple. All within about an hour of each other.

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