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(A popular movie has been released and I finally find time to go with my boyfriend after a tough day at work where I ended up starting my period. Behind us are two boys maybe 17-18 dressed all ‘Gangsta’ and talking loudly throughout despite many other people politely asking them to quiet down. They’re beyond rude to anyone who says something and a couple of people actually leave. I am around the same age as them as it my boyfriend so at the end of the movie I stand up and decide I’m going to say something.)
Me: Excuse me?
(They both turn to look at me with annoyed looks on their faces.)
Me: After waking up at four thirty in the morning for my job where I was treated like trash by customers and starting my period at work, you two decided to talk through the one movie I wanted to see. Thank you for ruining what was supposed to be an excellent movie for everyone in the theatre!

(I don’t wait for a response and leave to the applause of everyone they’d bothered and a couple ‘you go girls.’ The best part was when one of the boys tried to leave before me and the other one pulled him back letting me go first. Hopefully they learned something.)

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