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(Im Asian, Chinese to be specific. Its later at night where theres little to no customers in line. I was sweeping and I look up to see two people in line. Now keep in mind that I’m chinese, and the type of food we sell is burgers and hotdogs and such)

1st Customer: *Sees me* Oh! Well hello *does a japanese style bow*

Me: *Confused but friendly* Uh yeah hi. How can I help you two?

2nd Customer: Uh yeah can I get uh a – uh a taco?

Me: We… Don’t sell tacos here?

2nd Customer: really? Cause it smells like tacos in here and I want a taco. Can I get a taco?

Me: We don’t sell tacos…

2nd: Damn ok… Well y’all got any kinda mexican food?

Me: We have tamales?

2nd: Nah I don’t want that. Just gimme a cheeseburger and some fries. And whatever this shorty wants.

(I turn towards his friend who is, in fact, much shorter than him. He order and as they leave and pay…)

1st: Hahaha! Yo thanks so much for dealing with us your cool!!! *japanese style bows again*

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