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(In the attorney’s office where I work, the staff have rotating front desk duty due to extenuating circumstances. I’m the relief for a coworker who also happens to be a good friend of mine. For the record, we are both female. I stop to chat with her about five minutes or so before I’m supposed to take over for her. Just as she’s letting me know that it’s been slow and no one has stopped by, two people enter. She starts helping them while I duck out to gather a couple things I need from my desk and come back a few minutes later. In those few minutes, not only are those people demanding to see the “head hancho” in charge, another woman came in and started demanding copies of reports, which she needed to go through her lawyer to get. Apparently she was trying to bypass that procedure. With that woman gone and the other people still waiting, my coworker swivels around in her chair to talk to me.)

Coworker: *exasperated* Why me? Why do I always get the crazy ones? Do I have “crazy” stamped on my forehead or something?

Me: No, no. It’s stamped on your ass. Trust me, I’ve looked.

Coworker: *laughs* That’s a good one! I need to tell [Attorney] that!

(It has since become a running joke. But she really does seem to get the interesting phone calls and visitors, including a victim who made a huge, angry scene that resulted in security being called.)

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