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Hoo boy. I work at Regal Cinemas and as an usher, I make sure that people have their tickets and behave. Since some “Genius” at corporate decided that it’d be so much better to have no ropes preventing people from sneaking in, you can guess where that leads.
Besides that, I have to deal with some real “winners” and this story is one that sticks in my mind pretty vividly.
It just happened a couple of days ago during a very busy shift. One of our policies at the theater is NO OUTSIDE FOOD OF ANY KIND. Water we don’t care too much about, but when you bring in full bags of food, THEN we have to say something.
Well, this lady brought a full bag of, what she called, “Vegetarian Food” and…. Well, lemme show you the conversation.

Me: Excuse me, lady, I need to ask what’s in the bag.

Lady: It’s special food! I can’t eat what’s here.

Me: *sighing internally as I’ve had to do this already multiple times during the night* Ma’am, I’m sorry, but the theater doesn’t allow outside food.

Lady: *repeating like I’m deaf* I CAN’T EAT THE FOOD HERE!

Me: I’m sorry but we don’t make except—

Lady: That food is not vegetarian! I can’t eat there!

Now keep in mind, we have a pretty big snack bar and while it’s not the most nutritious eatery, I couldn’t imagine there wouldn’t be SOMETHING there she’d like to eat.

Me: I could get a manager if yo-

Lady: *shoving the bag in my face* I CAN’T EAT YOUR FOOD, I’M VEGETARIAN! *storms off*

Sad part was that after a while, the managers got so many complaints from customers about me not letting them bring in outside food, they told me to let anyone bring in whatever they wanted. This, DESPITE THERE BEING A SIGN ON THE TICKET PODIUM SAYING NO OUTSIDE FOOD IS ALLOWED! I called them out on this and they just said to let it go…… Way to enforce the rules, guys.

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