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I switched from private school to public school in grade 5. The beginning wasn’t bad, but as time went on I started being bullied. The girls who bullied me were the teacher’s favourites but the principal was as new as me and believed me more than the teachers did. The bullying continued into ninth grade (now) and hasn’t stopped. Here are some of the funnier interactions I’ve had with bullies.

Boss of group 1: “Stop looking at me!”
Her friend: “Creep!”
Boss: “I’ll rip your heart out!”
Later to the principal…
Boss: “That’s not bullying! She was looking at me!

With a different group…
My ex friend: “The one handed nail polish looks bad on you.” (Proceeds to tell me about how I’m insulting her one handed cousin.)
Me: Oookaaay.

Two years later.
Boss of group 2: “(My name) has a stupid tanline on her feet.”
Her friends: “Yeah”
Me: “I don’t appreciate you saying that”
Teacher: (Having heard the conversation) “(My name)! Don’t be rude! Maybe this is why you don’t have friends.”

(Highschool hasn’t been much better but I do have friends from elsewhere at school now. I share two classes with (Boss of group 2) unfortunately.) :(

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