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(We’re visiting my late grandfather’s house, which is situated directly on lakefront property. An electrical storm has started building on the other side of the lake, and it’s already beginning to rain and thunder like mad by us).
Me: “DAAAAD! Can you come inside now, <i>please</i>?!”
Dad: “What? No, I’m busy working on this electrical wiring! I wanna get this outside bulb fixed before dinner!”
Me: >shouting over the building wind and sleet<. “You’re surrounded by giant pine trees, on a hill, with a freakin’ lake next to you- the fact that you haven’t been struck by lightning yet is sheer luck!! Do you really want to tempt nature further?!”
(He eventually came inside, but he was still baffled over my concern- even after we discovered the massive pine that had fallen on our next door neighbor’s roof and ripped off half their new gutters and tiles!).

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