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(I’m sitting down at a large centre that hosts conventions, exhibitions and the like, waiting to enter the event I’m there for. [Children’s Charity] has obviously just had a large end of year celebration as streams of children of varying ages and their caregivers are exiting the section their event was held in. There are people dressed up as Santa’s elves and animal balloons in many kids’ hands. A little boy, no older than 4 with two heavily bandaged arms is walking past me with someone I think might be his grandma.)

Little Boy: *asks a question about the kids who attended*

Grandma: “Because when you get sick, you get better. Some other kids stay sick and never get better…”

Little Boy: *quiet for a few seconds* “Oh… that’s not fair…” *bows his head*

Just that small exchange after a charity event for sick kids made me super sad. Kids should never have to learn about death and serious illness so early in life.

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