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*I work IT for a big retail company. A few months ago, they rolled out a new HR system and it’s been causing a lot of confusion. Particularly with new employees/rehires. Until their start date, the username is one thing and after they’ve started, the account gets changed as they have to go through a Single Sign-On setup. This is communicated out in a few different emails, but between people not reading the information and getting hired/starting on the same day, there’s a lot of confusion and questions. I have variations on this conversation multiple times a day.*

Me: *answers phone*

Caller: I can’t log into [HR program]. It won’t let me use the ID it sent me in the email.

Me: Ok, have you had your first day yet? Your username changes on the first day

Caller: This is my first day and I can’t sign in. I have to finish my paperwork.

Me: Have you signed into [internal site with specific links]?

Caller: Yes

Me: Can you see the widget with Single Sign On?

Caller: When I click the link for [HR system], it doesn’t work

Me: You need to find the widget that says Single Sign-On.

Caller: But I’m just trying to sign into [HR system]! That has nothing to do with this!

Me: *wanting to beat my head against the wall* If it’s your first day or after, your username changes. You have to set up the Single Sign-On or it won’t work.

Caller: What am I looking for?

Me: The box that says Single Sign-On

Caller: I found one that says SSO setup

Me: Select that and follow the steps

Caller: It has my name and says “Learn your username.” What do I do?

Me: Is there a “next” option?

Caller: Yes

Me: Click that and follow the steps

*This process usually goes either really fast as they understand what’s going on or really slow as they have to ask questions about everything. After they get set up, barring other issues from hiring, they’re able to get into the system*

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