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I was petting my cat but then he got feisty and clawed my hands pretty good. I got multiple scratches and 3 were open to the point of needing disinfecting and covering. I got my twin to help because I couldn’t place the bandages myself. The bandages were weird, because she peeled everything back and saw the white patch, nothing else. We thought we had to put the entire thing on. It wouldn’t stay so we were going to tape it down. We couldn’t find medical tape so we were going to use duck tape. As we peeled it we noticed it smelt funny. After putting a few pieces of tape on, one of the bandages started peeling off. I was going to take it off and rewrap it but as I tore it off I saw that there was a nice clear bandaid. It was then we realized it was place and peel. I looked at the bandaid for a moment before looking at my twin and saying “YOU PUT VINEGAR TAPE ON MY HAND FOR NO REASON!”

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