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I don’t have a lot of good or decent relatives but my Great Aunt was one of them. Basically she was a sweet old fashioned classic grandma to us. Baked goods, homemade presents, the whole 9 yards. Not to mention that she basically saved my Dad from a terrible life with his parents.

Well she died recently and it was unfortunately quick and could have been presented with some common sense on the doctor’s part, but she died and this is about the funeral.

So my Uncle, who was technically like my cousin or something but we always called him Uncle so whatever, was in charge of the main plans with advise from my mother. And he was very casual, trying to keep himself in good spirits. But then he says he doesn’t want my Great Grandmother, or my great Aunt’s mother, there. I thought he was kidding until my mom agreed.

I was shocked that they were treating an almost 90 year old woman this way. Until my mom walked me out and told me the things my parents had kept from me for the longest time.

Turns out there’s a big divide in the family caused by my great grandmother that started with a bunch of little things like stealing heirlooms, taking my great Aunt out of the will, Shanghaiing a grave plot for my biological grandmother ( was a druggie and used my father to get tax benefits and government support), a bunch of other “minor” instances, and to top it off she called my Great Aunt when she was dying in the hospital to complain about how badly her life was going and how she didn’t love her as a mother.

After I learned that I was a little upset as they had let me treat her like she was a good person for my entire life but I understood that my family was trying to play nice until my grwat grandmother passed. But unfortunately my great Aunt went before her. So we were pretty determined to support my Uncle’s decisions. And sure enough day of the funeral she showed up with my Great Aunt’s sister and her kid. Cue the fight, the police, and the insanity that is my family. Long story short my great grandmother is not allowed out of the car. And the rift that was there has grown to an impassable chasm and will probably stay there until my demon of a great grandmother gets her just reward.

Well I could write a little more about how my Uncle and father were packing heat during said funeral. Or how my mother and uncle tried to lighten the mood by playing a big prank on my Dad, which was a terrible idea as he was driving and I was in the car so yah. So lots of drama but I got to see her before she died so the drama was worth it.

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