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I live with my parents and as such, they tell me what they’re having for dinner so I can let them know if I’m eating with them or not. Sometimes, I offer to bring home dinner, too. This night, I was leaving work and decided I wasn’t going to join them so would just get something on way home. Because recently a worker at a certain pizza restaurant known for quick service led me to believe they’d no longer carry my usual item as a grab-and-go item, I’ve been calling ahead – though, this night saw them putting this item in warmer so maybe it’s just not during peak hours??

Anyway, I work not even a mile down the road and so even with multiple lights between the two stores, I get there before it’s done. After being told my items are in the oven, I sit down in the only available seat next to this old woman and a middle-age male relation that might be son. It is a bit rainy and is also a Friday night, so they are a bit busy so it was probably good I called ahead to make sure they had items I wanted ready anyway. The whole time I’m sitting there and the workers are dashing around, the old woman is complaining loudly to the man. I know the girl behind the counter can likely hear them complaining about it taking longer because it seems something must not have been right with their order based on some of the comments. Yes, we all get annoyed if that’s the case. Still, the bad attitude was annoying to listen to and made her less than sympathetic. Clearly, they were busy and trying their best.

So after a few minutes, I hear my last name being called between the staff in the back, letting me know they were finishing my order. I get up to move toward the counter and the poor worker gets a bit defensive as she is still counting the cash from the customer that just came and left for one of the grab-and-go pizzas. I put my hands up and assure her I just wanted to go ahead and get up because of my poor knees, that it was fine. I felt bad that she thought it was a move to rush her after dealing with that old woman for who knows how long. When the girl returns with my order, I comment as I’m paying on how busy to be nice and relate, and probably a little bit hoping that woman hears the reminder that it’s a busy Friday night. The woman is grumbling about me receiving my food.

As I’m finishing paying and putting my wallet away, I hear the old woman tell the man to step outside because she’s about to embarrass him. I was completely flabbergasted when she suddenly comes up beside me, puts her HAND ON MY ARM, and proceeds to loudly complain that she was there before me. Before the girl behind the counter can react, I turn and give the old woman the best pointed smile I could and said, “Because *I* called ahead, honey.”

The old woman stepped back and simply went “Oh” before returning to her seat. No apology or anything. I wanted to tear into her for touching me while complaining about me getting my food (which was only some cheesy bread, breadsticks, and wings by the way… while she was likely getting multiple pizzas…) but felt there was no need to make a further spectacle and be as bad as her, no matter if she was in the wrong. I at least hope being put in her place a bit quieted her down a bit after I left, but considering there was no apology or acknowledgement beyond “oh”, I don’t have too much hope.