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(So I’ve been working at this particular store for almost 6 months now and this older couple will come through the drive through every Sunday. I recently learned how to present -hand food out the window- and this couple was my first negative experience in window)
Me: here’s your bag, napkins are in the hitting have a nice day!
Man: everything is in here?
Me: yes sir! I checked the bag myself.
Man: our shakes aren’t in here.
Me: *pointing at order screen* sir you didn’t order or pay for any shakes. Only (sandwhiches).
Man: this happens every week. Where is your manager?!
I go and get my manager (we are in the middle of a lunch rush too) and he comes to my window. Fighting with the couple for a few minutes and then tells me to get them two large shakes.
Me: here you are sorry about that, have a nice day!
Manager standing over my shoulder: please come inside air so we can talk about this
Man: okay.
Then he peeled out of the parking lot so fast he left tire marks. Haven’t seen him back sense.

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