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As much as I love my job as a cashier for a bakery and cafe, it still takes a lot out of me, especially when we’re super-busy and our staff is spread paper-thin. It’s worse when a bunch of coworkers quit within a short time of each other, albeit for legitimate reasons: a new job, a baby, moving to a new home, etc.

As you can well imagine, customers often have to wait a bit for their food, some longer than others. Most of them are perfectly understanding, but some…well, you know.

Customer #1: Do you realize I’ve been waiting twenty minutes for my food?

Customer #2: I’ve been waiting for half an hour here! What’s taking so long?

Customer #3: Come on, I’m in a hurry!

Customer #4: Why hasn’t this table been cleaned yet?

Customer #5: Why hasn’t the trash been taken out? Do you realize it’s already full?

Customer #6: What do you mean, you’re out of cinnamon rolls/dinner rolls/chips/drink carriers/whatever? Surely you can’t be ALL out!

Customer #7: Isn’t there any other place to sit?

Customer #8: Isn’t there a table big enough to fit my whole family?

Customer #9: You people need to pay better attention to your orders!

Customer #10: This is terrible service! I’m never ordering from here again!

Yes, people, we totally understand your frustrations. But come on, we’re doing the best we can and we’re human, too.

Besides, you might want to think about ordering certain things ahead of time, or coming in when we’re not quite so swamped, especially if you’re in such a “rush” or you’ve got such a large group with you.

You try this job sometime and see what you get.

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