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>I work at a call center that focuses on a chain of pharmacy/corner stores and trouble shoot/help fix printers
>The lady on the phone has been so far impossible to deal with bc she knows nothing and is horrible at explaining the situation. Not only that, but the issue was a headache to begin with and she wasn’t making the call any faster.

Me: alright, I need you to clean the main roller with a lint free cloth. Like one you would use on glasses or a computer screen.

Employee: Why would that help?

Me: Since this printer uses toner, any kind of lint, moisture, or residue would mess up the printer

Employee: Alright then…

Me: (???)

Employee: Well, now there’s lint all over it.

Me: Wh… B.. Your using a lint free cloth?

Employee: Yes. They do that.

Me: …??????

Employee: When two cloths touch each other, they cause lint.

Me *confused dumbfounded noises* (the roller is rubber, lint free cloth is…. lint free)

>I note it in the ticket and continued.
>The rest of this went so poorly I needed to escalate it and replace the whole thing.

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