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(Instead of telling when our workers work, we let them fill it out themselves. We write out the hours and they fill in the days they can work. Then the first in line fills it out, second, and so on and we begin next month’s sign ups generally in the middle of the month before. One of my jobs is letting the next in line know it’s their turn to fill it out and if they don’t respond or come in a timely manner it is the next person’s turn. This particular co-worker does good while he’s on the job but it’s like pulling teeth trying to get him to sign up).

Me: Hey, [Co-worker] it’s your turn to fill out the November schedule
(I get no response from him after texting him twice so I move to the next person)
*Middle of November*
Co-worker: I’ll be in a couple days to fill out the schedule.
(At this point we have the schedule mostly filled out and there are maybe one or two shifts available and he takes those.)
Me: Hey, [Co-worker] it is your turn for the schedule.
Co-worker: Ok I’ll be in tomorrow.
(He comes in the next day, and out of 15 shifts, he takes 3 for the month. Two mornings and one night. My boss figured he didn’t see the other shifts and asked him about it and he responded “oh, I can’t work Sunday’s and I’m still not sure about Saturdays yet. I’ll let you know.| A couple days later I see my boss shaking his head. Apparently the Co-worker quit because he wasn’t getting enough hours and had to find another job!)

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