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It’s the day of our yearly exams, the ones that determine which level of classes that we go into the next year. I get to class to find that my so-called best friend has decided with others to change the seating arrangements that we’ve had all year, I go to sit in my regular seat next to her and find someone else sitting there.

Me “(Name), that’s my seat”

Friend “No, I don’t want you sitting here, go find another seat”

I am upset and turn to sit in the seat the other girl has vacated.

Other Friend “No, you’re not sitting here, (other classmate) is here”

Again I try to find another seat and get told that they don’t want me next to them either, I am upset as I don’t know what I’ve done to make them so hostile to me. Finally I take an empty table at the rear of the class, my old friends glare at me before turning to each other whispering and laughing. It’s not the best mindset to go into an exam with but I do my best on it. The next morning in class we get our results back, I’ve done very well with 92 out of 100. After class one of the others pulls me aside.

Friend “I’m so sorry about what we did to you yesterday, (Ex BF) told us that you always cheat off her and that the reason why you got upset was because it meant you couldn’t cheat off her.”

Me “I was upset because I was basically tossed out of a seat I had all year and then made to feel horrible while you all were laughing at me””

Friend “I know, I’m sorry it’s just that she told us you were a cheat and would copy our work.”

Me “If I’m the cheat then tell me how I got better marks than she did and how she got identical marks to (other friend) and they both failed the test”.

I chose not to associate myself with any of them, at our next class I made a point of sitting on the far side of the room from them. I was very pleased to go back to school the next term to find that most of them had been put down several levels so I never had to take classes with them again.

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