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I (male) was learning about glasses in a class with a few other people when this gem happened :

Teacher: (Explaining about certain type of glasses, which contain one area to see things farther away, and one part to read at a comfortable distance)

” … so, as we can see, these glasses lead to being able to read at a comfortable distance. The problem is, because of… (some common mistakes when ordering glasses) , people would lose up to 13 cm / 5 inches of clear sight at certain distances. ”

A girl looked up in confusion and asked without a second thought:” Do you even feel 5 inches that much? ”

I bursted out laughing, sending the class into a state of confusion for a few seconds until they realized what she just said. I was so embarrassed at me laughing first!

This isnt the end of the story, because later that day (we all still giggeling from time to time) we ended up talking about our roads home from school. A few month ago i was taken home by a friend of mine, but her car broke down half of the way, so we ended up waiting to get picked up. I mixed up some letters of being PICKED up, so instead i said…

“… and after being convinced to join her, we ended up waiting right next to the road! I was so angry at myself. And even though he lives close by, It took (friend) half an hour to lick us up!”

( German: “… Bis er uns abgeschleckt hat”)

The room shook of laughter as people started to gasp for air and crying tears. I certainly got an… Interesting reputation that day.

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