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(I work for a company that handles online advertising. I have a company/client that I have been doing paid online ads for. While two of the three owners have seemed happy with my work, the third has not been so. They have gone though five other companies for their ads before they come to us. After a month, ‘they’ decide they are not happy with the leads that I’ve provided them. )

Me: “I’m so sorry [Third Owner] that you aren’t happy with the leads I’ve brought you. When I talked to [First Owner] and [Second Owner], they said you had booked a consultation with 50% of the leads that had come in. The mentioned that, ideally, they’d like 70%, but when we start your remarketing campaign next month, I should have the information I need to help up those consultations. ”

Third Owner: “This is completely unacceptable. With [Previous Out of State Company] we already had a 80% consultation booking! We expect more of you after [Similar Company] recommended you!”

Me: “I’m so sorry to hear that. How many leads were the last company able to bring in each month?”

Third Owner: “They brought us at least 10 each week!”

Me: “I’m sorry sir, but in the last month your company has had 168 phone calls, and 42 form fills, with 50% of them resulting in consultations according to [Owner One] and [Owner Two]. But you say we aren’t bringing in enough leads? ”

Third Owner: “80% is obviously higher than 50%!”

(We didn’t last longer than two weeks after this. [Third Owner] told us only to target certain zip codes, and then got extremely upset when we didn’t target areas he told us to avoid.)

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