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I teach ballet. We are taking measurements so that we can order costumes for the show in May. The class I am currently teaching is 3-4 years old. As you may imagine, it takes some time to measure 10 children of that age. I have one person helping me take measurements, and one person keeping the other children occupied so they aren’t running around shouting. The one keeping the children busy is having them guess animals that she thinks of. As I’m trying to measure, I overhear the following conversation:

Helper: “The animal I’m thinking of is a bird.”

Several children guess, and are wrong. Then a few guess things that aren’t birds.

Helper: “No, it’s not any of those. Remember, it’s a bird.”

Little girl: “OH, I KNOW! It’s a Cucum!”

Helper: “Um… a what?”

LG: “A Cucum Bird! I saw one at my grandma’s house once!”

My helper didn’t know how to respond to that, just said no, that wasn’t it, and moved on. But the one helping me with measurements and I had trouble keeping from laughing.

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