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(I’m the bookkeeper for a pretty popular craft store, though I’m still kind of learning a few things as I just recently took over the position. This particular day, a Monday, the coworker who’s still training me on things has me help her make phone calls to people who’ve placed orders with us to let them know if their order came in or not. We leave messages for probably half or more of the people, and I go about the rest of my shift. Maybe two hours to the end of my shift, my coworker pages that I have a phone call. She doesn’t use the phrase that means it’s related to customer service, and a close relative has been having some health issues lately, so my first thought is that it’s one of my parents. Nope, a customer. I leave my name on voicemails, so she asked for me specifically. Keep in mind that I don’t know exactly which item she’d ordered, as it’s been an hour or more since I made any phone calls, and I made quite a few of them.)

Me: “Thanks for holding, how can I help you?”

Customer: “Yes, this [Customer]. You left me a message about the item I ordered.”

Me: “Yes!” <em>*trying to remember which item was hers*</em> “What can I help you with?”

Customer: “So, you’re saying the item didn’t come in? I was told that I’d get it on Monday. You’re just going to keep ordering it and not getting it?”

Me: “Well, it didn’t come in on our truck last week, but we will keep ordering it for you, yes.”

Customer: “I don’t understand. I was guaranteed that I would get it today. Now you’re telling me you didn’t order it?”

Me: <em>*annoyed but trying to explain politely*</em> “We did order it, but when we get items sometimes depends on our warehouse stock. It was probably out of stock in the warehouse this last week. I can’t guarantee for sure when it will come back in stock, but we’ll keep ordering it for you until it does.”

Customer: “The guy I talked to said it would be here by Monday.”

<em>(She’s basically repeating what she’s said before (so am I!), and adding that she’s frustrated, which I understand. But we don’t “guarantee” that items will come in by a certain day. If she spoke to a man, there are only four of them in the building, so I ask another question.)</em>

Me: <em>*slightly suspicious and confused* </em> “Do you remember who you spoke with who told you Monday?”

Customer: “No. It should be written down on your order form. He said he was a manager.”

<em>(We only have one main male cashier who knows better than to tell people a specific date they’ll get their item for sure, and I know for a fact that neither of my managers would “guarantee” that she’d get her item by Monday. And even if she’d spoken with a manager, their name might not have been on the form, anyway. Most of our forms are filled out by our cashiers.)</em>

Me: “Unfortunately I’m not looking at the order form–” <em>(Which I’m not. I’m standing at a phone on the sales floor, no paper on my person whatsoever, though to be fair she can’t tell that.)</em>

Customer: “Well I don’t have it either. I’d have to go look for it.”

<em>(At this point I’m waffling between paging a manager and going to the office to find my copy of the form just to see who she talked to and check with them. I’m honestly tired of dealing with this call, and my managers have said before to get them involved when things like this come up, so I make a suggestion.)</em>

Me: “Why don’t I transfer you to one of my managers and they can help you figure out what we can do about this?”

<em>(I put her on hold to page a manager to take the call, who talked to me about it later and explained what the plan was regarding her item. He also mentioned that he doubts anyone “guaranteed” her anything, rolling his eyes as I brought it up. I understand that it’s upsetting to not get an item, but I literally have no control over the warehouse quantity. And none of us who take an order “guarantee” that a product will be in by a certain day for that reason. All we can do is keep ordering it until it comes in or you tell us to stop ordering it, whichever comes first.)

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