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*I’m working at the customer service desk on a calm evening. An African American customer comes up.
Me: Hello, what can I do for you?
Customer *distinct African accent*: Yes I’d like a moneygram?
Me: Sorry we don’t do moneygrams here. We only have money orders through western union.
Customer: do you know who does?
Me: Nope sorry
Customer: ok thank you anyway.
*Customer leaves the store. 5 minutes later the store phone rings.*
Me: Thank you for calling [store] this is [me] how can I help you?
Customer with very familiar sounding African accent: Hi do you guys do moneygrams?
Me: No sir, no moneygrams
Customer: I’m reading online and it says you do
Me: No sir we definitely do not do moneygrams
Customer: Ahhhh S*** *Hangs up*

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