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I use a cane to get around and i attend a rather competitive program. But, I’m also poor. Because food takes priority over guuchi jackets and hand bags, I wear the same things I have worn since high school. While things will be looking up soon, I have to finish to get free of poverty.

I’m sitting in an area of campus with a coffee shop and seating. I usually study here. The coffee shop employees know me well since I always sit there to study and chat and get caffeine.

On this day the janitor is doing a once through of the place and we were chatting. He gets a call from his boss and he leaves his stuff on my table with permission. I’m drinking coffee reading.

Some freshmen comes in with clearly “daddy bought me my life I earned” Clothing. Despite the actual wet floor sign being there she ignores it, almost slips, drops her iPhone.

She immediately is furious. Looks right at me. “Maybe you should finish before you take a break and dry the floor.” And just walks passed me in a huff.

“I’m all for hiring special needs people but holy shit at least make sure they do the job and are not taking advantage of the generosity”.

She says it loud enough that all the employees here it.

When she gets up to the counter she says “can you believe that?! Is he new?!”

Employee: that’s not our employee . That’s a student. Leave you are not getting coffee.

Her: oh come on I can’t deal with this today just give me “coffee with express”.

Employee: apologize to them right now.

Her: excuse me?! Who do you think you are!? Give me my dam coffee.

Employee: no you are banned. Get out.if you don’t I’ll call the campus police

Her: this is just a big misunderstanding, let me talk to the owner or the manager

Employee: no. Apologize or leave. Last chance.

Her: how was I suppose to know any of this I’m new ?! I just started, can you please give me my coffee .

She was banned for the next 4 years she was at the school. The BOSS that she was talking to gave me a free coffee. “I apologize on behalf of my gender that she exists”.

This is the only coffee shop the school Has on campus. The other one near the school is about a 10 min walk. It’s also not on the main road coming to the school.

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