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(All romaine lettuce everywhere was recently recalled. Almost 90% of salad mixes contain romaine or baby romaine, and iceberg lettuce is flying off the shelves. Some form of this conversation takes place multiple times a day since the romaine was recalled.)
Customer: Why are you out of lettuce?
Me: Because of the romaine recall.
Customer: (scoffs) But all your salad isn’t romaine.
Me: No, but what little remains goes quickly.
Customer: But it’s not all romaine.
Me: Everyone is going after the non-romaine lettuce, all the grocery stores, all the restaurants. Right now, all we have is spinach, escarole, endive, and arugula. That’s it.
Customer: … Do you have any butter blend in the back?
Me: (Mental face palm) No.
(Seriously, don’t expect anyone to have fully stocked shelves of similar products during a massive recall.)

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