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I work in a call center and receive this peach of a call:

Me: Thank you for calling (My Company name), this is (my name), how can I help you?

Caller: I have a question about my invoice I just received from your company.

Me: OK, what is your invoice number? It will be the 6 digit number in the upper right hand corner of the document.

Caller: It’s (rattles off a 10 digit number).

Me: Umm.. I’m sorry sir, that’s not one of our invoice number’s. Ours are only 6 digits long. Do you have the order #, that will also be a 6 digit number right below the invoice number.

Caller: I have order number (rattles off a different 10 digit number).

Me: Again, I’m sorry sir, our order numbers are only 6 digits long. Do you have…

Caller; (getting agitated): You just sent me this document, I know how to read an invoice! You need to learn how to use your computer!

Me: Do you know your company account number with us?

Caller: That number is (*****).

I try that number and surprise, surprise, it doesn’t work. I am pretty sure this customer has dialed the wrong number…

Me: Sir, that is not a valid account number in our system, are you sure…

Caller: I can’t believe this, you mean to tell me you aren’t smart enough to find our company in your system? Why don’t you put someone on the phone who is smart enough to work a computer!

Me: Sir, you said you just received your invoice, did another representative email it to you?

Caller: Yes, I just got it.

Me: Can you forward that email to me, so I can see what you are looking at?

Caller: Fine, whatever. Do you realize what a waste of time this is?

Me: Here is my email address: (my name @ my company name .com).

Caller: Did you say (my company name)?

Me: Yes, you dialed (my company name).

Caller: Oh, I meant to call (completely different company name). I dialed the wrong number, thanks for nothing. **click**

Me: (to a dead line) Have a nice day?

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