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, | Unfiltered | November 12, 2021

I work as a desk clerk in a bike repair and rental shop. We have an agreement with the PCSW (Public Centre of Social Welfare). This means that immigrants and people with low income can rent a bike for free for 9 months, making it easier for them to find a job. They need to bring the bike back to the shop every 3 months for a free checkup, together with a paper from the PCSW, stating they can rent it for another 3 months. Without this paper, we aren’t allowed to give them the bike back. Normally, a checkup takes about one working day, so they can pick it back up on the next day.

A man who is following this traject, comes up to my counter for a checkup of the bike. I can see in his contract that he is already two weeks late, but we can’t do anything about this as it’s free for him. Neither does he have the paper with him.
His Dutch isn’t fluent, so I speak clear and a bit slower as asual.

Me: You can pick the bike back up tomorrow afternoon, but don’t forget to bring the paper. Without paper, no bike. Okay?
Him: *looking agitated* Afternoon? But I need bike for work!
Me: I know you do, but you have to leave the bike here for the check up. There isn’t anything else we can do. Tomorrow afternoon it’s ready. And don’t forget the paper. Without paper, no bike.
Him: *even more agitated* How will I get to work?? I need the bike!!!
Me: Where do you work? Is there a bus you can take for one day?
Him: Yes, I’ll take bus! *mumbles under his breath in a language I don’t understand*
Me: *ignoring the mumbling* Okay, great! So, from tomorrow afternoon you can pick the bike back up. And don’t forget the paper. No paper, no bike.
Him: I won’t forget the paper!!!! Why do you think I will forget the paper!! *starts mumbling again*
Me: *staying calm, as I am used to this kind of behaviour from customers* Okay, no problem. See you then!

This goes all via a computer program, so I go to his contract and fill in that he can’t get the bike back without the paper. I do this in order for my colleagues to know, since we are with 5 desk clerks, all working different hours.

Later I heard from my colleague that he came back 2 days later (maybe the bus is more fun anyway?), and that he did not have the paper with him.
Apparently he said he didn’t know he needed that, which of course was a lie, and my colleague knew he was lying since it was all written in his contract. He did not get the bike back.

Unfortunately this happens more than I would like. It seems like they forget they get it for free. Our normal rental fees are 10 euros a day!
I’m working here for 5 months now, and if it wasn’t for my colleagues and boss being the greatest I’ve ever had, I would be long gone. We laugh about these things afterwards, which makes it way easier to let the frustration go. I still love my job!

(Sorry for the mistakes, English is not my first language!)

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