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(I work as a substitute teacher. I’ve just finished a rough day with an overcrowded class of seventh and eighth graders, and have had to send a large amount of them to the dean for behavior issues. As I’m filling out an end-of-day report for the teacher, one of the coaches comes in to check on me.)

Coach: “How was it?”

Me: “Not great, had two for fighting, one claiming she was allowed to play music on her cell phone, and another kid who slept through the whole class.”

Coach: “Was that [Name] who slept?”

Me: “Yes, I gave him the option of standing to help keep him awake, but he refused, so I sent him to the Dean. And he was sitting in the front row too!”

Coach: “Oh, [Teacher] lets him sleep in her class.”

Me: “Pardon?”

Coach: “Yeah, he doesn’t have a great home life, so she lets him sleep in class. You shouldn’t have sent him to the dean.”

Me: “Um… okay, but I didn’t know.”

Coach: “Don’t put him down as being in trouble, he has a bad home life.”

Me: “Uh, thanks.”

(After the coach left, I left the student’s name where it was. If the teacher does let him sleep in class, she won’t give him detention. However, to all teachers out there, if you have special instructions/dispensations/privileges for any of your students, due to medication/home life/behavioral issues/whatever, LEAVE A NOTE FOR THE SUBSTITUTES! We are not telepathic and we have to follow school rules. If we perceive a student as being disruptive, we have to call the office or security officers so the other students are protected. We do not know your students, so please tell us EVERYTHING!)

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