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(Where I work got a message over the weekend from a customer asking about a shredder she found on our site that she can’t find now. We haven’t quoted any shredders recently and can’t understand the name she gives. It’s most likely that we found out the shredder was discontinued and removed it from our site, but as she gave no information like model or product number and we have not removed any shredders recently, this is only an assumption. It’s quite possible she’s typing in something wrong or another silly mistake. I call her to get more information and see what we can do to help.)

Voicemail: *automated voice* “Please leave a message at the tone.”

(No name or any identifying information – like her voice – to confirm the number is correct is given. I decide that instead of leaving a message just saying “Hi, this is [Name] with [Company] returning your call. You can reach us at [number] during [our business hours] or [email]” when they already know our contact information as they contacted us first, I decide to hang up this time and try again in an hour or so. If they still don’t pick up the second time, I’ll leave a message so they know we have tried contacting them.)

Voicemail: *automated voice* “This number is not accepting your calls. Please hang up.”

Me: ‘!?!?’

Question of the Week

What is the absolute most stupid thing you’ve heard a customer say?

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