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(I’m very straight forward so it’s often translated as rude and tactless to other people that I talk to. I also rarely used to say please and thank you. I boarded an Emirates Airplane to go to my parents who work in Dubai and I had the chance to sit beside a guy who looked and sounded Italian or German. He was very polite to the airline staff who was serving pre-flight snacks):

Airline Staff: Would you like coffee, tea, juice or wine, sir?
European Guy: Tea, please?
Airline Staff: Do you want the fish with bread, chicken with rice or beef with potatoes, sir?
European Guy: Fish.
Airline Staff: Anything else, sir?
European Guy: No, thank you.
Airline Staff: *Proceeds to repeat her lines with me and other passage sat beside the window*

(I’m not proud of how my tone sounded. It was very cold to be honest.)

Me: I’ll have the beef and wine.
European Guy: *looks at me in slight surprise then realization*
Airline Staff: How old are you?
Me: I’m 18 years old. *quickly gives her my passport*
Airline Staff: *checks my age then gives my food and passport back to me* Enjoy your flight!

European Guy: You look to young to be 18. *smiles at me*
Me: Ah, yeah… *not mentally ready to talk to people*

(Who ever you are European Guy, thank you for setting an example to a teen with no regards or respect towards Airline workers. From that day and forward, I’ve been a lot more polite to everyone and have learned how to read the room. It doesn’t sound much but to me it was very eye-opening to see that there airplane passengers who doesn’t treat the staff like their personal servants.)

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