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I work at a local pizza joint called “YourPie”. For those who don’t know about it, my coworkers and I (and probably many others) joke about it being a subway for pizza-it’s a make your own pizza, salad, or panini, but we do have standard/“classics” if you want to try one of those.

So, I’m not going to lie. Even I think the set up of the shop is weird. Our location is at a strip of shops, on the very corner end. There is the main single door to get through, but double doors maybe 20 ish feet away, and on the side of the building a third door (single). In between the main door and the second set are four potted plants, which are supposed to serve as a barrier so people come in the main door.

I have only worked at this location a short time, but I have already seen multiple people scoot around the plants, go in through the double doors (and one the third door!), look confused and backtrack to the front of the place where we have a divider line.

The shop is on a hill, with a road in front and beside it, with another shop attached to its other side. There is a fence on the edge of the outdoor seating area, which only opens up before the main door, which is completely seeable. Also, it’s all glass. You can peer into the window walls or the door, and see the inside set up.

While understanding it’s a weird setup, I still do not know how the hell people miss the first door. I’m also curious whether or not those who pass the plants think “Oh, they’re just trying to make it harder to get in and eat,” only to realize afterwards they were the ones that messed up and all those who witness silently judge.

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