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After buying a couple of items at the grocery store that’s a few blocks from my house, I remember that I have some work emails I forgot to deal with. The weather is nice, so I stand outside just a few feet off to the side of the store door, facing the large parking lot, and get on my phone. It’s evening and there are very few people about – I’m clearly not bothering anybody and there’s no reason anyone should be bothering me. I’m a 20ish woman dressed in a perfectly normal outfit. I stand there quite distracted by my phone for a couple of minutes, then, from right in front of me:

Guy: “Hey! Get on!”

I look up. In front of me is an extremely cocky looking young guy, seated on one of those small cheap motorbikes that are essentially almost scooters, with about enough room left behind him to seat a small child’s doll. He gives me a look up and down, then stares straight at my face. I’ve never seen this person before in my life.

Guy: *with a sort of throw-away carelessness in his tone* “Come on! Get on!”
I stare at him silently in an unfriendly manner.
Guy: *somewhat impatiently and motioning with his head to the bike’s “back seat”* “Come on, get on! Come on!”
I keep staring at him with a put-off expression.
Guy: *cajolingly but quite expectantly* “Come on, come on! Get on! Get on!”
I take a step back and am outright glaring now. Unfortunately I have no weapon or other object to threaten him with.
Guy: “Come on, come on! Get on! Get on! Come on!” *this is in a strange wheedling and somewhat conspiratorial tone of voice, as if he actually thinks I should find it amusing that he’s trying to make me a willing party to my own kidnapping*

I have a complete stone face now and am glaring at him with what feels like Medusa’s gaze. After trying to cajole me a few more times he finally seems to give up and trundles away on his “bike”.
And this was, by the way, in one of the less terrible areas of our city.

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